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what to expect on race day!


We are incredibly grateful for your time and commitment to help as every volunteer is critical on race day. You'll play an important role in providing a safe and fun race for all participants. To help plan your day, the below is an outline of your volunteer morning.


  • Pier 76 • Hudson River Park
    408 12th Ave West, Manhattan, NY 10018

  • Limit your belongings & don't bring valuables
  • Allow plenty of time to walk as transit & parking aren't close
  • Please arrive on time to allow the crew to stay on schedule

6:30 - 6:45 AM — VOLUNTEERS ARRIVE… [15 mins)

  • Report to the Volunteer Tent

6:45 AM — CHECK-IN … [20 mins)

  • Sign in with a Volunteer Lead (Karen & Louis)
    Please tell us if you have mobility limitations

  • Sign Waiver (ink)

  • Select an Event Crew packet (hat & shirt) in your Unisex size: S - 4XL

  • Change into your packet gear (portolets available)
    Ladies: consider a sports bra for a fast change

  • Write your name on your packet bag with a sharpie marker, secure your belongings inside, & place underneath the Volunteer tent in provided containers

  • Wait next to the Volunteer tent for next steps (minors w/adult)

7:05 AM — VOLUNTEER WELCOME  [5 mins]

  • All volunteers are now checked in, wearing yellow race hat & shirt, belongings stowed

  • Welcome ceremony

  • Review safety information

7:10 AM — ROLE ASSIGNMENTS  [20 mins]

  • Receive your assignment lanyard & event map

  • Write your name on your lanyard with a sharpie marker

  • Read your lanyard to review your job(s) & timeline

  • Review the event map to learn your station location(s)

  • Break into your assigned group to meet your team

  • Wait next to the Volunteer tent for next steps

7:30 AM — TRAINING  [30 mins]

  • The Volunteer Leads will train each group
  • When released, report to your first station
  • Reference your lanyard & map to guide you throughout the event

  • Volunteer Lead & Team Captains will help you throughout the event


  • Training complete

  • Racers begin to arrive (prior to event open)

8:30 AM — Racers arrive

  • Event opens/Racers begin to arrive

10:00 AM — Race Begins

  • Race begins


11:00 AM — Race Route Clean Up

  • Race route clean up beings when "Final Racer" flag passes [on 2nd lap]

11:15 AM — Race Route Closes

  • All Race Route stations begin start cleanup

  • Return to Pier 76

11:30 AM — Volunteer Checkout (phase 1)

  • Thank you!… 1st wave of volunteers leave

  • If possible, stay longer to help with clean up

1:00 PM — Volunteer Checkout (phase 2)

  • Thank you!… 2nd wave of volunteers leave

  • If possible, stay longer to help with clean up

3:00 PM — Event Clean Up Complete

  • All product packed, crews drive away, & lock up

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